Where is AJ2019?

  • The 25th Australian Scout Jamboree(AJ2019) will be held at ‘The Bend Motorsport Park’ Tailem Bend, South Australia

When is AJ2019?

  • Jan 4th – Opening Ceremony
  • Jan 5th to 11th – Activities
  • Jan 12th – Market Day (Exact details TBA)
  • Jan 13th – Half day of activities, site pack up and closing ceremony

What will the Scouts be doing?

The Scouts will do A LOT at a Jamboree but some highlights will include

  • Evening entertainment on the main stage every night. Here you’ll get fireworks, laser lights, music concerts and some big name talent performing just for us
  • An Action packed mall space that will be open pretty much all day every day (except after lights out of course)

3 huge days of offsite activities including

  • An overnight camp (Yep, a camp in a camp) at South Australia’s renowned Woodhouse Activity centre in the Adelaide Hills
  • A full on day of water activities
  • A visit to the Adelaide city finishing in either Glenelg or Port Adelaide

Onsite activities will include (But certainly are not limited too)

  • Shooting Range – Rifles, Archery, Firearm Safety, Demonstrations
  • Trades Experience – Woodwork, Plumbing, Gardening, Hair and Beauty, Toy Making
  • Technology Discovery – Demonstrations, Presentations, Hands-on Experiences, Drone School, Programming, JOTA\JOTI
  • Adventurous Activities – Rock climbing, Abseiling, Obstacle courses, Mountain bikes, Crate stacking, Land Yachts
  • Heaps more including – Beach Volleyball, Water Obstacle Course, Performing Arts, Arts and Crafts, Movies Theatres, Board Games, Team Building, Problem Solving, Escape Rooms, an Internet Café, the list goes on

Activities are subject to change

How much does it cost to attend?

  • Fees are different from state to state due to the differences in travel costs. See your local branch for exact details on fees

What extra cost activities are available?

  • There are likely to be 2 or 3 optional extra activities including a powered glider flight and an on-track motorsport experience

When do registrations open?

  • We will begin taking applications online from the 1st October 2017

When will bookings close?

  • Online bookings will close 31st  August 2018. This date may vary by Contingent.

A late fee of $100 will apply for applications received after 31st August 2018

When does staff registration open?

  • Registration for both staff and youth members is available from 1st October 2017

How do we apply as helpers or day workers?

  • Online application via link on the website. – www.AJ2019.com.au

What are the eligibility requirements for a Scout to attend?

A Scout must:

  • Be a registered youth member;
  • Have reached Pioneer level in his/her badge work;
  • Have camped ten (10) nights under canvas with three (3) of those nights being consecutive;
  • Have approval from his/her Scout Leader (or leader in charge)
  • Have approval from his/her Regional or Branch Commissioner of Scouts;
  • Have approval from his/her Contingent Leader;
  • Have consent from parents/guardian; and
  • Not have had his/her 15th birthday before the opening day of the Jamboree

Overseas participants must have achieved comparative requirements within his/her NSO

What are the eligibility requirements for a Venturer to attend?

A Venturer must:

  • Be registered as a Venturer Scout;
  • Be 15 years of age with at least 6 months service as a Venturer, before the opening day of the Jamboree, and should not have reached their 18 years by the end of the Jamboree;
  • Have completed either the Scout Medallion Award or the Venturing Skills Award;
  • Have a desire to provide service to Scouts;
  • Have recommended by the Unit Council as being of excellent character, a good role model to Scouts and has the skills and abilities to undertake the activity (or other tasks) nominated on the application form;
  • Have approval from the contingent leader; and
  • Have consent from parents/guardian

My young person turns 18 at camp, is it OK for them to attend as a participant?

  • Only if they are coming as an assistant activity leader (Venturer)

Do we get a free tee-shirt in our camping fees?

  • The National Jamboree Fee includes a T Shirt, Scarf, Hat, and Badge

Can we visit the Jamboree?

  • There will be a Visitor’s Day on Saturday the 12th of January 2019

I have a special diet, can that be catered for?

  • Yes, special diets will be catered for
  • There will be an opportunity to elect/nominate special diets in the application process. This nomination will need to be supported by medical evidence

My child has health issues, can they still come?

  • We will be as accommodating as we can but please be aware that you need to contact your Contingent Leader to discuss specifics

The health form asks if my child can swim 50 metres, if I answer No does this mean they cannot take part in the water activities?

  • They will be able to take part in most water activities, but it is important that we know their limitations so that appropriate supervision can be arranged

We are an overseas group, how can we find out more about attending?

When will we find out which Subcamp we are going to be on?

  • Usually at the Scout’s respective state Shakedown Camp in late 2018, a few months before the Jamboree

Will we be able to arrive early?

  • Only approved service leaders (advance parties) will be allowed to arrive early
  • It may be necessary for some participants travelling by air to arrive on 3rd Jan due to flight limitations on the 4th Jan

Can we use generators on site for lighting?

  • All power will be supplied by the Jamboree. The Jamboree will be using generators to provide some of its power. Troops can bring small solar panels

Will there be Religious Observance provided?

  • Religious observances for all scouting members will be facilitated according to the various religious requirements. For information regarding services/observances please contact your Sub Camp Headquarters
  • Further information can be found at the AJ2019 Welfare “Drop In Zone” during Jamboree

How many sub camps are there?

  • Four (4) Scout sub camps plus 1 Venturer and 1 Service Leader sub camp

Will there be a police presence on site?

  • Yes, 24/7

Will there be an onsite hospital/medical centre?

  • Yes

What is the nearest hospital to the site?

  • Murray Bridge Hospital

Where can I get more info?