Off Site

AJ2019 has three massive offsite activities, with heaps to do at each base!

AJ2019 WH

Woodhouse Activity Centre

An overnight expedition within the Jamboree! Scouts will head off to Scouts SA’s famous Woodhouse Activity Centre campsite for a full 24 hour period where they will engage in ‘back to basics’ camping and focus on activities like pioneering, navigation, camping, lightweight cooking and problems solving.



AJ2019 MM

Metro Mania

A HUGE 3 part full day offsite activity. Metro Mania will see Scouts dropped in the Adelaide CBD and engaging with the local areas. They will then have the choice to end their day at either Pt Adelaide, a town steeped in maritime history or at Glenelg for a more low key afternoon exploring the beachside town.



AJ2019 WW

Wet 'n Windy

Set on the quiet waterfront of the Wellington Marina, we have unrestricted access to a wonderful privately owned piece of Murray River real-estate. This site has lush green grass, substantial onsite facilities and most importantly lots of water access with little\no other water traffic. Here you’ll get crazy on the water building rafts, rowing, dragon boats, swimming and learning about the local Murray River ecosystem.



More information about Off Site Activities coming soon!