Extra Cost Activities

AJ2019 is providing the opportunity for Scouts to experience one of two extra cost activities while at Jamboree!

Applications open 15th June 2018.

Gliding – $120ea

Do you want to fly a plane? AJ2019 is offering a 20 minute flights in a 2 seater motorised glider.

The JAMBO-AIR team at AJ2019 is offering flights in 2-seater (side-by-side) motorised gliders.  Our pilot will handle the take-off and landing, but during the flight you will have the opportunity to take over the controls of the aircraft, and fly it yourself. The pilot will provide instruction on controlling the aircraft during the 20-minute flight.

We encourage you to have a go at this, but if you decide that you don’t like it, our pilots are always more than happy to fly.  With the airfield on-site, you will have the opportunity to see the Jamboree site, and surroundings, from the air.

Restrictions & Requirements

  • Weight – 90KG
  • Accessibility is limited

There is a Gliding Federation of Australia “9 Day Introductory Membership Application” form that must be completed and signed by a parent or Guardian.

Cost: $120ea

Full Throttle – $50ea

Ever wanted to do laps of a real racetrack in a real Racecar?

Join us at The Bend during the Jamboree to get on track as a passenger with our team of highly experienced drivers.

All the drivers are CAMS licenced and many have championship trophies to prove how quick they are.

So… Helmet on, Harness in, ready? & GO – let’s see if we can catch that car in front in this 15 minute on track experience.

** Please note – applicants lodge an ‘expression of interest’ as each applicant needs to be approved by Motorsport to participate.

Restrictions & Requirements

1. Physical – We cannot provide rides to anyone who cannot get into or out of the car by their own efforts.
While this would normally be related to those in wheelchairs, it may also relate to anyone with a mobility disability, broken arm, leg etc.

Any acquired injury from any other activity during AJ2019, like damaged ribs, also creates an exclusion.

We have no height/weight restrictions but we do have an age restriction of no one under 12 at time of ride.


2. CAMS Medical – ALL Passengers must complete a CAMS medical declaration

Anyone that says yes to any of about 10 items may be excluded or asked to provide additional proof from their own doctors that they are healthy enough to participate.


Additional applications and disclaimers will be sent to participants that have been accepted to attend AJ2019. Participation in the the Motorsport extra cost activity is subject to vetting by the Motorsport against the CAMS requirements.

Cost: $50ea


Applications open 15th June 2018.